Issue 63, September 2011


  • "Bird Napped" - Happy Feet Saga
  • "Southern Blue Whiting and Sea Lions"


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Issue 62, August 2011


  • "Protected Species Handbook for Inshore Fishermen"
  • "Happy Feet - his Pedigree" Emperor pengiuns

You can view the protected species and other inshore handbooks at:

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Issue 61, July 2011


  • "A Seabird 'Wreck'" Broad Billed Prions
  • "A Closer Look at Fur Seal Interactions"


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Issue 60, June 2011


  • "Boys get the buoys out" F.V Corsair Seabird Management Plan
  • "There at last" the Seabird National Plan of Action (NPOA)

Click to view the F.V. Corsair Seabird Management Plan

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Issue 59, May 2011


  • Improving Performance



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Issue 58, April 2011


  • VMP; Poor Acronym, Great System!



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Issue 57, March 2011


  • "Dying Birds Stir Extinction Fears"



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Issue 56, February 2011


  • Squid Season 2010/11
  • MFish Compliance Fact Sheets


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